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Martin M Saved $3k in interest "Borrowize let me easily compare and choose from top lenders. In the end, I got a $10k personal loan at a rate almost half the rate I was paying on my credit card."
Kristin S $25k loan for her start-up "I got multiple loan offers for my side business through Borrowize while banks kept rejecting me. I was lucky to find a lender that understood my unique situation."
Dan M $100k loan in less than 5 days "I needed some liquidity for a home project but didn’t want to sell stocks. Found a loan through Borrowize at half the rate my bank offered me."

Our Story

We started Borrowize after realizing how many people were struggling with debt like us, with little guidance on where to find quality and affordable resources and alternatives.

Our years of experience in finance and law helped shape Borrowize, a more transparent and commmon-sense approach to finding the right loan

Federico & Brianna Douzoglou

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We're on Your Side Borrowers come first. Our top priority is to offer you loans that maximize your savings.
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Rigorous Lender Screening To be featured on our site, lending partners must pass our thorough, 10-point, screening criteria.
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Cycle of Debt: U.S. Borrowers are Struggling to Stay Afloat

136M Americans struggling financially
81% of U.S. households who faced a large unexpected expense in 2016
$40,000 Average lifetime fees paid by average underbanked consumer
$82B Unnecessary fees paid by the underbanked each year

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