About Borrowize: Your Trusted Source for Quality Loan Offers

Why we started Borrowize

The recent recession has made it increasingly difficult for regular, hard-working, middle-class American consumers and small businesses to qualify for traditional bank loans. To make matters worse, those who need these products the most are lured into predatory alternatives. At Borrowize, we saw a growing need for a trustworthy resource for those searching for an alternative to bank loans, and we decided to do something about it. Our goal is to eliminate the complicated process that now comes with finding and obtaining a quality loan.

How are we different?

We make it easy to find the right loan to fit your needs. We are continuously evaluating lenders nationwide to ensure that you only receive offers from the most reputable companies. We understand that each situation is unique, so our priority is to match you with the right type of product, then provide the information and tools needed to compare your options and choose the best alternative.

Federico Douzoglou, Founder & CEO I’m a strong believer in solutions that build trust in our financial system. I left my corporate finance job to build a more “personal” finance company.

Brianna Douzoglou, Co-Founder After graduating law school I quickly realized how difficult it was to get honest advice to manage my $80k+ in student loans. We started Borrowize as that one-stop resource for graduates like me.

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