Super Tips to Make Extra Money & Pay Off Debt

There are multiple options for those who want to make a extra money, save, and pay off debts quicker . . .

Student Loans & Debt

It’s simple, the only way to pay off your debt faster is to make larger payments.  You can do this one of two ways, either make more money, or find ways to save on other expenses.

For student loans, in particular, making payments while still in school and paying more than the minimum can cut years and save you thousands in interest.  As a former law student, most of my time was spent at school or on schoolwork, so finding a job or jobs that provided me flexibility was crucial.  

Luckily, there are multiple options for current students, recent grads, and others that want to supplement their income that provide flexible ways to make some extra $$$, save, and pay off debts quicker.

How Much You Can Save By Paying A Little More Each Month:

Below I have compiled a list of part-time or contract jobs that are great for busy students or recent grads.  I’ve actually done a few of these myself, had great experiences, made good money, and met some very interesting people.


Based on a combination of flexibility, earning potential, lack of barrier to entry, and personal experience

1.  Personal Shopper

Companies like Envoy or Instacart can pay you $25 an hour to grocery shop for people.  Envoy will also pay you to run other personal errands or even to assist with tasks around the house. 

2.  Ride Sharing

I’m sure this one has already crossed your mind if you use Uber or Lyft.  It’s easy and you can meet some very interesting people! The hourly pay depends on the number and length of rides, but you can conservatively expect to make $10-$25 an hour. 

3.  Babysitting

If you’re good with kids and are responsible, why not make an extra $10-$20 an hour hanging out with some kiddos!  Sign up with a company like sittercity or just reach out to family or friends.

4.  Rent out a Room

If you have an extra bedroom or spend a lot of time away from home, Airbnb offers you the ability to make some money & meet new people, all on your own schedule. This could net a few thousand dollars a month, depending on your living arrangement.

5.  Dog sitter/walker

A dog lovers dream! Dogvacay allows you to hang out with some fury friends without having to worry about actually having the responsibility of owning one. Sitters can earn up to $1000/month!


These jobs may be more difficult to get, but are worth investigating, since they can also help your career. 

1.  Teaching Assistant

Ask one of your favorite professors they are looking to hire a teaching assistant. I made roughly $10/hour for helping one of my professor. I also felt like it gave me a little more leeway when it came time for grades ;)

2.  Tutor (On Campus)

On a similar note, investigate whether your school hires any tutors. Again, I got paid about $10/hour to give feedback on writing samples and other non-school related works.

3.  Side Business and/or Freelance Work

Have any special talents? You can monetize them! Writer, designer, web developer, SEO specialist? Here are the top 15 freelance websites to get you started.  Working on a business or honing your skills will only make you more marketable to potential employers.

4.  Etsy Store

If you have a creative bone in your body, or are a good salesperson, starting an Etsy store can be a great option for you.  You can sell anything! Jewelry, signs, art, and everything in between.  May require some up-front costs but the upside is a lot higher.


1.  Sell Your Unwanted Goods

Anything you own that can sell worth value?  Sell it on Craigslist, Amazon or Ebay. Take stock of anything you don’t need - appliances, books, kitchenware, books from school, etc. Even lightly worn clothes, shoes and handbags can be sold – Tradesy and Vinted are great starting places!

2.  Redeem Gift Cards

Do you forget about just about every gift card you ever received, like the majority of the population? Guess what?! You can sell your gift cards for $$$! They’ll take a small cut, but at least you know you will use it this way.

3.  Leverage a Cash Gift or Bonus

Though I guess it’s technically “the thought that counts,” I personal don’t want any other gifts that I can’t use or don’t really want. If you have debt or loans to pay off, it might be worth it to kindly ask, around birthdays and holidays, for $ instead to help get rid of your debt.


1.  Get Rewarded

This one is kind of fun! Some websites will reward you for paying your loans or for completing small tasks like watching a video or playing game. They also have drawings where you could win big buck$! Take a look at SmarterBucks &

2.  Mock jury

Trial is serious business and lawyers and law firms will actually pay you decent $ to tell them how they are doing and how they might fair in court. Get started on Craigslist or from a variety of other websites. You can even do this one from comfort of your own home at

3.  Focus Groups

Who would have thought you could make up to a couple hundred dollar$ by just filling out an online survey or by giving live commentary about a company, business, product, or design! Craigslist is a great tool. Or take a look at

4.  Secret Shopper

It’s as simple as it sounds, companies will pay you to visit their stores, pretend to be an average customer and report back on the service and overall experience. Easy! Can you squeeze it in on your lunch hour or day off from school? The answer is & should be, yes! Check out to start.

5.   Side work and One-Time Gigs

Craigslist or other apps can help you find one-off jobs for quick and easy money. Field Agent and Gig will also pay you for completing small jobs.


Of course there are other ways to make extra cash, but we wanted to give you a fairly comprehensive list to work with. Please share your other ideas or things that have worked for you! 

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