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A personal loan can be a flexible and affordable alternative to consolidate expensive credit card debt or cover unexpected expenses. however, rates and terms can vary greatly depending on the borrower. read our faqs below to see if a personal loan is right for you.

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We ding companies with a high number of fees or unnecessary costs, and absolutely avoid those that penalize borrowers for paying off their loans early.

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All our companies report to credit bureaus, but we elevate those that reward borrowers with responsible behavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online personal loan is an unsecured form of credit with a fixed interest rate and duration provided by an online lender. Terms generally range between 1 and 5 years, while interest rates depend on the individual borrower.
No, Borrowize is an independent and unbiased platform that connects borrowers with a trusted network of lenders.
Personal loans allow you the flexibility to make big purchases or withstand one-time expenses by making monthly payments that make sense for you. Common uses for personal loans include paying off or consolidating credit card debt, investing in home improvements, paying for medical expenses, or financing life events such as a special vacation or wedding.
Loan amounts vary with each lender, but our network offers loans from $500 to $100,000.
Our team is always searching for innovative lenders to add to our network. We analyze all prospective lenders using our strict 10 point screening criteria. For more information on our screening process, visit our Personal Loans page.
Yes. Although we can’t guarantee that you will receive offers, our goal is to match borrowers of all credit backgrounds with affordable, common-sense loan alternatives. Several of our partner lenders focus on providing innovative financing to borrowers with less than perfect credit.
A personal loan, like a credit a card, is a form of unsecured credit, meaning you do not have to pledge anything as collateral. However, personal loans come with fixed durations and interest rates, which result in fixed monthly payment and an established pay-off date. In addition, some personal lenders allow qualified borrowers to receive up $100,000 at rates much better than the average credit card. Credit cards have variable interest rates that fluctuate over time and don’t have a fixed payoff schedule, which can result in more than 20 years of monthly payments.
The interest rate is the percentage of the total loan amount that a lender charges you for borrowing money. The APR (annual percentage rate) represents the total cost of borrowing, including the interest rate plus any other fees charged by the lender.
You must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident, 18 years of age or older, and currently reside in the United States. Being eligible does not guarantee that you qualify for a loan. Each lender has a unique set of qualifying criteria.
No. One of our lender qualifying criteria is that they use a “soft” credit pull when analyzing a prospective borrower and offering a rate quote. Soft credit inquiries do not negatively impact your credit score.
Once you’ve selected the best offer and decide to proceed with a prequalified rate, the lender will likely require that you provide additional information, as well as perform a hard credit pull. Hard credit pulls may negatively impact your credit score.
We will never sell your personal information to 3rd parties. We take your privacy very seriously and take all precautions to protect it.
We are currently working on providing customized loan offers from our partner lenders. Until then, we can only show you APR ranges based on the information you’ve provided us. If you wish to pursue an offer with one of these lenders, simply click “Apply” to complete the lender’s process.
Each of the lenders should provide you with a response as to why you did not qualify for their loans. If you were declined due to missing documentation or proof of income or education, you can try to resubmit with the proper documents. Sometimes lenders will allow for additional options, such as resubmitting with a cosigner, or applying for a smaller loan. If you applied only to the lenders that cater to borrowers with prime credit, you may elect to broaden your search to lenders that cater to a broader borrower pool. Finally, we are always looking to add new lenders that offer different products, and we can reach out to you as they join the platform if we think you may qualify for the new offerings.
If you didn’t find the answer to your question here or would like to talk to one of our team members, please use our chat feature or email us at [email protected]. Additionally, most questions that are answered here can be answered by reviewing our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages.

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