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Our search will not impact your credit score

Our search will not impact your credit score

We Grade Each Lending Partner Using our Proprietary WizeScore Rating

Affordability & Fairness

45% weighting

We award the best grades to companies that can offer the lowest rates compared to unsubsidized federal and private student loans. Companies with high number of fees are penalized, while those that charge prepayment penalties are rejected entirely.

Innovative Products

30% weighting

Our highest grades are awarded to companies that offer more than just traditional student loan refinancing, such as undergrad, interest only, parent, and new graduate loans. Flexible repayment plans are also a plus.

User Experience

25% weighting

Overall user experience is key, from a simple application process, to unemployment protection, to unique perks like career counseling and networking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Borrowize connects you with a network of trusted and vetted student lenders. Our platform makes it easy to receive multiple offers to refinance your loans, or to take new graduate student loans. By answering a couple of simple questions, we are able to match you with potential offers from the most responsible, innovative, and consumer-friendly online lenders.
No, Borrowize is an independent and unbiased platform that connects borrowers with a trusted network of lenders.
Our partner lenders offer loans to refinance your existing loans, whether they’re private or federal student loans. We also have partners that offer new loans to finance your forthcoming graduate school programs.
Our partner lenders will accept both federal and private loans used to finance an education, including Parent PLUS loans. In order to apply, you must be either the primary borrower or co-signer on each of the loans you are seeking to refinance. Please be aware that some of the benefits of federal loans may not transfer over, though some of our partner lenders offer similar benefits such as loan deferment and unemployment protection.
Yes. Out student loan search lets you specify whether you’re looking for a new undergraduate or graduate loan. Most of our lending partners offer graduate degree or parent loans, while a select few offer undergraduate loans.
When you consolidate loans through the federal loan consolidation program, you combine multiple federal education loans into one loan, with the resulting interest rate being a weighted average of your prior loan rates. When you refinance with a private lender, you can combine your federal and student loans into a new loan with hopefully a lower interest rate.
Our team is always searching for innovative lenders to add to our network. We analyze all prospective lenders using our strict 10 point screening criteria. For more information on our screening process, visit our Personal Loans page.
Refinancing is a great solution for working graduates who have high interest student debt, in particular, unsubsidized Direct Loans, Graduate PLUS loans, and/or private loans. The goal of refinancing is to swap out or consolidate multiple loans into one new loan, hopefully with a lower interest rate and a monthly payment.
The earlier you refinance into a lower interest rate, the more money you will save. Interest rates fluctuate and can rise at any point, so locking in a rate during low interest rates can be very beneficial in the long term.
No. One of our lender qualifying criteria is that they use a “soft” credit pull when analyzing a prospective borrower and offering a rate quote. Soft credit inquiries do not negatively impact your credit score.
Once you’ve selected the best offer and decide to proceed with a prequalified rate, the lender will likely require that you provide additional information, as well as perform a hard credit pull. Hard credit pulls may negatively impact your credit score.
We will never sell your personal information to 3rd parties. We take your privacy very seriously and take all precautions to protect it.
Each of the lenders should provide you with a response as to why you did not qualify for their loans. If you were declined due to missing documentation or proof of income or education, you can try to resubmit with the proper documents. Sometimes lenders will allow for additional options, such as resubmitting with a cosigner, or applying for a smaller loan. If you applied only to the lenders that cater to borrowers with prime credit, you may elect to broaden your search to lenders that cater to a broader borrower pool. Finally, we are always looking to add new lenders that offer different products, and we can reach out to you as they join the platform if we think you may qualify for the new offerings.
If you didn’t find the answer to your question here or would like to talk to one of our team members, please use our chat feature or email us at [email protected]. Additionally, most questions that are answered here can be answered by reviewing our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages.

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